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Not your average shuttle bus transportation

Shuttle bus transportation for Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia
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Large white shuttle bus.

Have a group in need of a shuttle bus in the DMV area? We can help.

14 to 55-Passenger vans and shuttle Buses

At Bayside Limousines, we can handle just about any need. From 14-passenger vans to 55-passenger motor coaches, we’ve got you covered.

We have economy-plus and premium high-end corporate-style buses, both with center aisles and high-back cloth seating.

We designed all of our buses considering the passengers’ comfort, ease of entry and exit, safety, and experience.

No matter your occasion Bayside Limousines has a bus to fit your needs and budget.

How do I choose?

Our staff has spent years handling some of the most complicated events in the local DMV area. We will help you develop your plan make the right choice that works to meet your goals.

Call us to speak with one of our group experts. We’ll get you rolling in the right direction.

14-Passenger Vans

14-passenger vans are an easy and comfortable way to get swiftly around town and in tight areas.

Clean exteriors and simple interiors make this a perfect fit for small group transportation or a runner vehicle for special events.

Our vans are basic “no-frills” transportation where budget is a factor.
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Black 14 passenger van.

26-Passenger Shuttle Buses

A significant step up would be a shuttle bus.

These vehicles offer:

• Easy entry and exit as you step up into the seating area
• The smallest capacity buses in the shuttle category
• A center aisle walkway with cloth-covered captain seating
• Modest sound system for listening enjoyment

Our 26-passenger shuttles are the perfect size for medium events or locations that larger buses cannot enter.
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White 24 passenger Ford shuttle bus.

28-Passenger Shuttle Buses

These units are the same size as their 24-passenger counterparts but offer four more seats. They are our most popular size for medium groups and venues that have space challenges.

These units can haul many passengers yet navigate small areas such as Annapolis, Fells Point, Chestertown, and St. Michaels.
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32-Passenger Shuttle Buses

If you need transportation for more than 28 passengers, our 32-passenger shuttles offer all of the same amenities as our smaller shuttle buses.

Once you cross the 28-passenger threshold, the size of our buses becomes unsuitable for some smaller locations.
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White 32 passenger Ford shuttle bus.

40-Passenger Shuttle Buses

If you need transportation for more than 28 passengers, our 32-passenger shuttles offer all of the same amenities as our smaller shuttle buses.

40-passenger shuttle buses move a large number of people. These units have all the appointments of the smaller shuttle buses, such as cloth seating and a sound system.

This unit is a perfect size for big wedding events where moving many passengers at one time is needed.

These buses cannot navigate in tight quarters, so check with your venue or our staff to ensure that these shuttles will fit your venue or area.
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55-Passenger Motor Coaches (Coach Buses)

The largest vehicles we offer are motor coaches. These units are full-sized 55-passenger models.

The Motor Coach, or “Coach Bus,” is the ultimate in moving a large group of people.

Like the 40-passenger bus, they cannot get into all the venues and pickup locations. Work with your venue or Bayside to see if these units make sense for your event.
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55 Passenger Bus CX Series.
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