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Party Buses are not just for young people anymore!

Great Vehicles – Wrong Rep!

pic1 Party Buses, Limo Buses, Limo Coaches and Limousine Buses…they are all the same things. These “party on wheels” machines started hitting the streets nearly 20 years ago. When most people think of these rolling nightclubs, they immediately imagine a wild out of control party machine complete with stripper poles, outrageous styling, and loud overbearing music pumping thru the myriad of speakers and full out debauchery.

While those types of units are still available, today’s Party Bus offers a much more upscale stylish experience. Squared off plain Jane seating designed to pack as many partiers as possible in a bus have been replaced by eye pleasing curved, comfortable couches and finished in conservative deigns and of course top end leather. The lighting systems can be controlled to from mild to semi wild for each client taste and preference and not just an in-your-face club experience.

The new Party Bus sound and entertainment systems are of course state of the art. Complete with flat screen TV’s, Bluetooth sound capability, HDMI hookups and touch tone interfaces.

The bar set-ups in the party or limo buses have evolved to use expensive exotic woods which one would typically find in a high-end luxury car such as a Mercedes.

The interiors of all the party buses now no longer scream look at me, rather they quietly show elegance, class, and sophistication in an incredibly upscale fit and finish and materials.

Many older people normally eliminated the Party Bus from consideration when traveling on a formal or corporate event or even celebrating a birthday or other milestone occasion because of the imagery associated with the Limo Style Buses. Fearing sending the wrong message to friends, family, and even children.

The new style Party Buses have come a long way in increasing comfort, class, and sophistication for the client’s experience. Now if we could just find a way to rename these or change folk’s immediate perception of these units that would be great. So, I encourage you to give the newer style party and limo buses a look. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised at how they have become the absolute best way for a group to travel!

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