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Lincoln is Back with MKT Limousines

limo2.jpg The standard in our industry since the late 80s and early 90s was the stretched Lincoln Town Car. These were the backbone of the Limousine Industry till 2010. For 30 years the Stretch Lincoln Town car ruled the streets of luxury, class, and sophistication. Sure, there were Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 Stretch Limousines as well as some off-the-wall exotics made from Porsche and Maserati that made some noise and heads turn. Nothing could compare to the ride and reliability of those stretched Town Car Limousines.

Somewhere in 2007 or so Lincoln announced that it was going to stop making these iconic machines, a legend in the luxury sedan and limo market. Even to this day when clients call for a sedan, they ask for a Lincoln Town car, not realizing or knowing of its demise a decade ago. That’s how synonymous the Term Town Car became in our services.  We all in the limousine Industry scoffed and said no way would they every turn away from tens of thousands of sure sales every year from the livery industry. No way. Well, it happened the last Lincoln Town Car Rolled off the line late 2011 without fanfare. We in the livery business were left scrambling to replace these incredible machines.

So, for several years, we all tried the Chryslers, the Cadillacs, and the BMWs and even a few went to Volvos. Ehhh all of them got the job done but smaller cabins, stiffer rides, less cargo space, and horrific maintenance! Sadly, our workhorses were gone and what we were left with was Ponies, Mules and Donkeys. Not good for the farm for sure.

MKT Makes its Way….

Lincoln Introduced the MKT with little to no buzz or excitement in 2010. Most of us in the Limousine Industry rejected this unit because it looked like a cross between a hearse and Mom’s mini- van as a sedan. However, as a stretch limousine it looked significantly better and sat up higher making it easier for the chauffeur to drive and had a significant increase in rear cabin headroom for the client. As a stretch Limousine it looks significantly better and more appealing.

I still cannot get used to Car Manufacturers insisting that we get excited about letters or numbers as a name for a car instead of an actual name. Maybe I am old but even on exotics letters and numbers are so uninspiring! Drives me nuts. Probably because I can’t keep the letters and numbers straight in my brain. Give me a name if I am going to plunk down 100k for a stretch limo. Call it a toenail or a barge or something. Gimmie a name!

So, the classic Livery manufacturer is back with a solid platform to build upon. They ride good, they look good, have all the modern-day tech for the chauffeurs and the clients to enjoy. Still miss those 4.3 motors and powertrain and the feeling of floating on a cloud traveling down the road. This unit does a good job at filling in for the Town Car. I say fill in because for all that it is, it’s still not a stretch Lincoln Town Car.

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