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Q- When should I book my reservation?

  • A- As soon as you find a great company and are happy with the unit and pricing. Keep in mind we do have seasonal minimums and high demand dates. Book early to avoid any disappointment.

Q- Can I visit Bayside Limousines to see the vehicle that I am reserving?

  • A- Absolutely! We encourage everyone to stop by, meet our staff and preview our vehicles!

Q- Can I extend my reservation the day of?

  • A- In most cases yes, we will be more than happy to extend your reservation. However, if we have another commitment it may be a challenge to add additional time on the day of the event.

Q- Do I need a detailed itinerary?

  • A- No, we do not require you to have a detailed itinerary, but the more we know about your travels the better prepared we can be to enhance your experience.

Q- Is my deposit refundable?

  • A- Deposits are what reserves your vehicle for a specific date and time. Since we do not overbook our vehicles, and we set them aside for your event we really depend on the completion of the job. Therefore, deposits are Non-refundable.

Q- Can I smoke in your vehicle?

  • A- Absolutely not. All our vehicles are non-smoking units.

Q- What is provided in the Limo?

  • A- All our limousines come equipped with napkins, tumblers, and champagne glasses. We also provide ice and bottled water, and a red carpet if you choose to exit in style.

Q- What is your policy on alcohol?

  • A- You may bring your own alcohol if you AND EVERYONE in the limousine is over the age of 21, though it is not provided. 
Bayside Limousine Logo
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