How to do a Wine Tour…. Maryland Style

Get the party together!

Put out the word to all your friends and family near and far that you are planning a Maryland Themed Wine Tour. See how many of your friends are looking for a Wine tour experience with a little of Maryland’s flavor as a backdrop! Maryland is starting to make some noise in the Winemaking and Brewing Industry with the addition of some the most recognized names in the world starting to call Maryland a home such as Guinness Brewing and Sagamore Distilling. Many Marylanders are unaware that our area is thriving with over 40 wineries to explore and experience with more being added every year!

wine tour party busPick a Vehicle

Do hire someone to drive you around! It will make the day so much more memorable and of course safer for everyone. Hiring a professional service will take the worry away and allow you and your party to sit back and relax. This is the easy part of the experience. Just start by choosing a basic or luxury vehicle. Great deals can be had on regular Vans and Shuttle Buses over the limousines and Party Buses. Bayside Limousines has a vast fleet and we carry Luxury Sedans, Vans, Limousines, Minibuses and Party Style buses for your safe, clean and fun transportation.

Pick a Maryland Wine Trail

Most of the Wineries and Vineyards in Maryland are clustered in small pockets around each other. Some Breweries are even smattered along the trails in the case you want to veer of the Wine Path along the way. has done an outstanding job of creating Wine Trails of 3 to 7 wineries located in proximity to one another so one can easily pick a trail in an area that interests you and select a few wineries in the same area to maximize you time spent tasting and limit the tie in transit! Below are links to the different Trails to help you plan your wine excursion.

Plan to Visit 3 Wineries

We talk about this in some of our other articles about Wine and Brew Tours. Select no more than 3 places. This way you can relax and really experience each place that you choose to visit and not feel rushed. We see a lot of aggressive itineraries and we always encourage no more than 3 unless one on your list fizzles out when you get there. You can always ad-lib or change the itinerary as you go along.

Don’t forget the Maryland Nibbles!

maryland crab cakesmaryland popcornAnything with crab spice will do! UTZ Crab Chips- or make some popcorn with J.O Spice! How about Fisher’s Popcorn and Berger Cookies? If you really want to kick it up a notch call G&M And order some uncooked crab cakes. They are not cheap but as any Marylander knows cheap crab cakes aren’t good! Take each crab cake and split it up into 3 to 4 mini-crab cakes and pre-bake the morning of for the absolute best incredible, incredible nibbles. You Can’t be any more Maryland than that! Well eating crabs would be but eating crabs in a Limousine or Party bus is nearly impossible!

Cool Touches on your Maryland themed Wine Tour

Any Maryland Themed garb will go great on your Wine Tour. We are biased as we have the best state flag in the nation and the colors really brighten up every event. Wine glasses and festive Maryland T-shirts are a great start. Cocktail Napkins, paper plates and Maryland themed bunting finishes with that extra special touch and feel.

Want an incredible – not to be forgotten Maryland Wine Tour Experience?

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