Wedding Day Limousines

Bayside Limousines has been providing outstanding Wedding Day Transportation Solutions for 3 decades. We operate Sprinter Limousines, Limousines, Luxury Sedans, Classic or Vintage Wedding Cars, Vans, Limo Party Buses, Shuttle Buses for Wedding Guest transportation. Our resume includes providing transportation services to nearly every Wedding Venue in the Maryland, DC, Annapolis, Eastern Shore, Frederick and Northern Virginia areas.

It’s your Day….

While all those credentials are great and shout about what we have done or can do your Wedding Day is not really about us! it’s about you, your family and your friends. Its about relaxing and enjoying every moment of your Most Important Day without any stresses and challenges. When you trust a company to be there on the most important day of your life, it should be an organization that understands that this is a moment in your life that resides in your heart and memory for a lifetime. It’s not just about fancy and shinny cars or red carpets or all the bells and whistles or package pricing, Its about care, kindness and respect and how that company treats you from the moment you contact them to beyond the Wedding Day.

Its an Honor to be Trusted…

Being hired for a Family’s Wedding Day is a great Honor and an awesome responsibility. There are not too many more important moments in a Family’s life. It is so very important to get Wedding Day Transportation correct.

I often ask new Chauffeurs in Training what they believe most couples are searching for when they hire a limousine company for their wedding day. I get answers such as Fancy Car or Limousine, well dressed chauffeur or pictures with a shinny automobile. What I relay to them is that most couple are searching for is a stress- free experience, someone that provides seamless solutions to some very simple needs and adds that special touch to a magical day. Someone who is cool under fire and takes enough care to know their job and to treat their friends and family with care, dignity and respect. To solve problems should they arise and be a calming and positive force should things turn the least bit stressful.

The 3 EEE Approach to your wedding…. Education, Expertise and Experience


We can advertise standard package pricing on websites but the reality is that every event we do is fairly custom. Its important to have a conversation about your dates, times and locations. Your expectations and visions about what you are looking for. It is our job and responsibility to “walk you down the Aisle” and teach you what to look for and more importantly what to look out for when selecting a vehicle/s for your Wedding Day. Taking the time and educating our clients’ is how we approach each event and its an essential step to successful wedding day transportation. Nobody ever plans to fail…they just fail to plan.


Yes, you can book online, yes you can find a cheaper rate. You may even be able to pull off wedding Day Transportation on your own without any guidance. However, I would not recommend it! Spend some time and speak with a Wedding Professional. The 5 to 10 min that you spend should give you great insight on how things work and help add some clarity and understanding of how the day unfolds. You will quickly recognize who in fact is an expert in the field and who is a pretender. Choose an expert in every aspect of your Wedding Day!


There is no substitution for experience! I will say it again, there is no substitution for experience. This is not a knock on up and comers and we were once one too. Be careful of vendors learning on your event! Experienced companies such as ours will have many more resources and solutions should a problem arise. No matter the situation in 30 years we have probably been there, done that!

What should you expect from your Limousine Company on your Wedding Day?

  • Great Communication
  • Trust
  • To Be on time!
  • The Vehicle should be clean inside and out.
  • The Chauffeur to be a Chauffeur and not a Driver
  • The Chauffeur to know where they are going
  • The Chauffeur to help you in and out of the vehicle

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