4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Shuttle Bus

4 Things to Consider when Hiring a Shuttle Bus

For 30 years we have assisted our clients in setting up Shuttle Bus transportation for either A corporate outing or Special occasion transportation such as a wedding or a milestone birthday. Often shuttle services are kind of lumped together and viewed as a commodity instead of an actual service. The fact is that a pleasant experience with a shuttle company helps make the entire event a success while a shoddy shuttle service becomes a real stigma on the event and can lead to event Chaos.

Always Work with a Local Shuttle Bus Provider
Seems obvious but we see many clients importing shuttle or bus companies from distant locales because they may have been a little less expensive than a local expert. While this may work out it may not. Distance company often does not posses the expertise and knowledge of the area in what works and more importantly what doesn’t. They often don’t know the streets, traffic patterns or size limitations that certain areas present.

Does my Shuttle Bus Company help me create my itinerary?
Always choose a Professional bus company that is willing to spend the time to educate you and help you make a transportation plan. Too often companies don’t take the time to fully understand the clients needs and end up missing the mark entirely. Function start times are a critical pinch point and offer a roadmap to scheduling and logistics. Not fully understanding the clients needs and expectations are a major cause for day of challenges.

What kind of Equipment am I signing up for?
All Shuttle buses are not created equal either! Do I want an upscale Shuttle Experience or am I ok with a mid-range mid- priced Shuttle bus? Will a discounted service provide the look and experience for my guests that I am looking for? No wrong answer here just really want you to realize that in the transportation realm different levels of fit and finish exist in the manufacturing and operation of shuttle buses.

How will my Chauffeur/Driver be dressed?
This may or may not be an important detail to your event. But certainly the condition of the Shuttle bus and the way that the Chauffeur is dressed will vary greatly amongst service providers. This may be an unimportant detail or a significant one in your search for the right provider.

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