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A few years back I received a call from one of the popular and trusted Limousine and Bus Manufacturers. They mentioned that I should look at their new Mercedes Sprinter Limo Style Coach. Some call them “Party Buses”.

So, I agreed to look at the email and literature that they were planning to send. Being always busy operating a luxury transportation company I spent about 30 seconds reviewing what they sent over. I looked at the email complete with pictures and was unimpressed.

I mean to think that a Limo operator of nearly 30 years would even consider these van-looking things over a traditional limo was absurd.

To me they looked like the 80s hit TV Show the “A Team” van and I was certain that my clients would not approve.

“The A Team”

4s.jpgFast Forward….

A year or so went by and the Limousine Manufacturer stayed in monthly contact pushing these “A Team Vans”.

Each time I soundly said that I was not interested. Finally, one day, one of the crafty salespersons knocked on my office door and politely said that they were delivering a Sprinter Limo Bus to a competitor and since they were in the neighborhood, they wanted me to see what I would be competing against.

Now mind you, the plant is from the Midwest so in the neighborhood was quite a drive. 12 hours to be exact.

5s.jpgHe said, "look I know that you are a nearly 30-year veteran Limousine Guy, but I am here to show you that the Limousines are going away. They are being replaced (like it or not) with these Sprinter Party Buses."

Intrigued since one was now sitting on my lot, I followed him outside.

"Yep," I said "that is the “A Team Van”" as

I approached the Sprinter, still holding on to my “it's not a limo” convictions.

We both went around the vehicle, him pointing out different features that would be important to me as an operator and others that were centered on client experience. I was surprised that the exterior fit and finish was good, clean, and functional and the longer I stood beside it and really looked at it the more I started to “not mind” it.


Still kept telling myself that I did not like it because I am a limo guy right. I mean it's not really a limo, right? I cannot be. It is the “A Team Van”. Do not fall for it, do not start liking this thing and be a traitor to the rest of your fleet and 30 years of providing Limousine experiences.

It's not better, I kept secretly telling myself.

7s.jpgBetter Interior

Then the salesperson opened the door and invited me to sit inside. I mean wholly, wow.

The first thing I saw was the space, wow what space! Headroom, legroom, elbow room- space and lots of it.

Space is something that we have always fought in our business. I mean 10 passenger stretches seat 7, 14 passengers seat 11 our 20s seat 16 and so on. But this one had space! Felt open and airy not cramped and confined.

Seats were an awesome curved style with diamond tucks in nice leather. Seating for 14, although we recommend 10-12 for comfort.

More Friends!

The space of this limousine nearly doubles the party size that we can travel with. So that means a group of 10 friends can travel in a Mercedes Sprinter Limo Bus in absolute comfort where a 10 traditional 10 passenger limo (really seats 7-8) This means that more people can share the bill thus making the per person price point more affordable! Bingo – win-win.

9s.jpgState of the art Tech

Multiple flat screens and Bluetooth connectivity! Ability to watch your favorite movies or connect to your favorite playlists while cruising down the road. East to operate controls for lighting effects, mood-setting and ambiance!


Easy in and out

So, a day of sipping and tasting wine its always somewhat of a challenge to get in and out of low vehicles. Our Wine Tour clients love that this has a large sliding side door which is easy to get in and out of and makes life so much easier over scootching into a stretch limousine.

Can Navigate Wineries with ease

11s.jpgMany wineries are not accessible with larger Stretch SUV Limousines as well as larger style buses. In fact, many do not allow these larger vehicles on their property. The Mercedes Sprinter Party Buses can easily navigate nearly all the wineries in the Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. This means you can bring a medium sized group, be comfortable along the way and know that you should not have any challenges getting into and out of your favorite winery.

10s.jpgSo why is the Mercedes Sprinter Party Bus great for my wine tour?

We have been operating luxury vehicles in the Washington DC, Baltimore, and Maryland areas for 30 years.

Despite my reluctance to give these vehicles a try, they are without a doubt the best vehicles we have ever operated.

The ride is comfortable, the space is amazing, the fit and finish is top-notch.

I was dead wrong when I thought I knew what our customers wanted. Clients no longer want a 5 min “wow factor” from a stretch Limousine and then pack inside like sardines for a less than comfortable experience. Clients now are looking for comfort the entire event.

These Mercedes Sprinter Party Buses provide just that incredible experience and plenty of “wow factor” on the inside.

What many feel they lack on the outside they more than make-up for on the interior.

We tell clients every day once you get into a Sprinter Limo you will never go back to a traditional style Limousine again!