Bluemont Vineyard and Winery

Over the past half a year or so, I started to notice our bookings for Wine tours gravitate from some of the trendy and popular locals in Northern Virginia to a Winery a little further down the road. I kept seeing trips going to this venue and what was interesting was that instead of the usual tour with 2 to 3 wineries, many of these trips were scheduled longer but to one Winery. Bluemont. I kept seeing this trend and spoke to some of the clients who were delighted with their experience.

I found myself in the Loudon County area on the road in a spectacular fall crisp day, the leaves still green but nearly ready to turn. I was hunting down a commercial freezer I found off Facebook for another endeavor we are pursuing. (pastured Poultry) – you can learn more about that here- I was able to secure a good deal for the freezer, looked at my trusty GPS and realized that it was mid-afternoon and that the distance back to my shop and my home were identical. 1 hour 23 min. lol. I knew that I was in the heart of Virginia Wine Country and that we were working on and for our clients and needed more images and ever more reviews and content to share with our readers. I decided that the day and sunshine was perfect to scout out and see one of the more recent popular places that our clients were visiting. So, I set off to Bluemont Virginia that of course is the home of Bluemont Winery.

I was about 30 min away, but I could certainly see and feel a transformation the closer I got to the location. The mountain backdrops that looked distant from my starting point were now starting to frame the rolling hills and valleys in such a stunning array of natural beauty. Of course, it did not hurt that the sun was smiling and gently warming all that it touched. Each mile closer brought this magnificence into focus and became more rural and it was like I was entering into a different part of the world. I remember thinking to myself, wow such a beautiful area, being in transportation how could I have never traveled in this part of Virginia before?

I made my way to the Winery Entrance and looked up and thought, well that is cool. It's about a half-mile up a small mountain and the vines are certainly well organized and pretty. I could see apple tree groves on the lower hills leading up to the vines. Entering the long gravel road, I noticed that it was flanked by pear trees along each side and thought that would be beautiful when they bloom. I passed the orchards read the sign that said, “U Pick” and thought that was kind of cool and rustic. There were several families there in the orchard picking apples that were in season.

Past the orchards, I started the climb up to the actual Bluemont Winery location. It is a fairly steep climb but not one that gets a person nervous. Not that steep. Of course, snowfall may prove me wrong on this assertion. I climbed and followed the signs to the upper-level parking lot. What is great about this climb is that as you reach the top you drive around a stand of trees perfectly left alone to shield you from what is next. The end of that grove right at the winery, POW it happens!! Once you clear the grove of trees the sky opens, and you see for miles! I mean literally for miles. Not a few miles, tens of miles! If your jaw is not on the ground at the view you are not breathing! 180 degrees of splendor, stunning, expansive views. Breathtaking! 52 years of age this is one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. I have been fortunate to witness plenty of beautiful places in my travels over the United States, but this view absolutely ranks in my top 5. I instantly understood why so many of our clients were traveling to this place. I realized why they stayed here and never left. The view alone is worth the drive.

Even on a weekday, the place was bustling. I would imagine that the weekends would be even brisker. I could not stop taking pictures with my phone and wished that our Pro- Guy Clay was there with his gear to really capture such a magnificent scene. I sent dozens of pics to the folks in the office, my friends, and especially my wife. I kept talking about this view to everyone who inquired and made many recommendations to clients since seeing it for myself. … oh yeah and they make and sell wine too! Lol

Bluemont Gallery